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Cobalt and Conflict minerals (3TG)

Traditionally, the focus of industry and government regulation (notably Dodd-Frank's Section 1502 of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act or "Dodd-Frank's") has been on Refers to tin, tungsten, tantalum, gold, and cobalt (also known as 3TG conflict minerals or...

Congratulations ! Ms Lily General Director CHIEN TA Bolt Co.,Ltd

Ms Lily General Director CHIEN TA Bolt Co.,Ltd. Global Federation of Chinese Business Women of Chairwoman in Vietnam. Won the year 2020,HuaKung Award. [The 8th World’s Top Ten Outstanding Chinese Business Women Huaguan Award List in 2020]  

Gradual transfer of management positions

Enterprises with foreign direct investment (FDI) in Dong Nai are tending to gradually transfer management positions in production and business to Vietnamese people. In many FDI enterprises, foreign owners gradually only hold a number of key positions to run businesses.

I often talk about Dong Nai

Lily Lin is well-known not only as a female president of Taiwanese Businesswomen Association in Vietnam with a friendly and friendly personality, but also a quite successful businessman investing in Dong Nai. Although busy with running the company and the association, she still spends a lot of time...