Gradual transfer of management positions

Enterprises with foreign direct investment (FDI) in Dong Nai are tending to gradually transfer management positions in production and business to Vietnamese people. In many FDI enterprises, foreign bosses gradually only hold a number of key positions to run businesses.

Ms. Lily Lin, General Director of Kien Dat Industrial Co., Ltd. in Long Binh Industrial Park, transferred the production management position to Vietnamese people.
According to Dong Nai Industrial Zones Authority, the province has nearly 600,000 employees working in companies and factories in industrial parks. In particular, foreigners more than 7.6 thousand people.

* Gradual transfer of management positions

Industrial zones in the province have a total of 1,270 FDI projects being implemented with a total registered capital of over 24.8 billion USD. Projects of FDI enterprises investing in the province are quite diverse with many fields. According to the Department of Statistics, there are more than 50 main production lines, but the main ones are footwear, textiles, fiber, wood products, machinery, equipment, spare parts, computers, electronics and components. .

It is expected that Dong Nai will expand 5-6 industrial parks and build 4 new industrial parks to attract domestic and foreign investment. Therefore, the demand for high-skilled and foreign-language human resources will be much greater than today.

Mr. Cao Tien Sy, Head of Dong Nai Industrial Zone Authority, said: “The trend of FDI enterprises in Dong Nai is to gradually shift production and business management positions to Vietnamese people for management and administration. . There are many companies, FDI factories, foreigners who only hold the position of chief executive officer and a number of technical consultants to guide the execution of orders ”.

Also according to Mr. Cao Tien Sy, opportunities for Vietnamese people to access modern technology, to manage in production in many industries in industrial production at FDI enterprises are increasing. However, in order to be trusted and put into managerial positions, Vietnamese workers must meet quite high requirements of skill level, management capacity, good at foreign languages.

Ms. Lily Lin, General Director of Kien Dat Industrial Co., Ltd. (capital Taiwan) in Long Binh Industrial Park (Bien Hoa City) said: “I have invested in Dong Nai for nearly 17 years and my company specializes in Production of screws and screws for domestic and export enterprises. The company is growing as today because I have many good and devoted Vietnamese associates. So I gradually moved to production and business management positions and many other important positions for them. ”

Ms. Lily Lin shared that she is currently training and transferring all production processes to Vietnamese people and she is only the CEO of remote production and business.

* Need capacity, good foreign language

Many multinational corporations investing in Dong Nai are leading in production technology in many important fields such as manufacturing equipment for aviation, automobiles, machinery, robots ...

One of the issues that these businesses pay most attention to when investing in or expanding production is finding a source of highly skilled and good foreign language workers. Currently, FDI enterprises in Dong Nai require Vietnamese people in management positions to be fluent in 2-3 languages ​​to be able to exchange with technical experts, customers from many countries.

Mr. Hiroyuki Nakayama, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nakatec Co., Ltd., representative of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Fukui Province (Japan) said: “Japanese enterprises are investing more and more in Dong Nai and one of the weak The difficult factor we are facing is the shortage of highly skilled and fluent labor force of 2-3 languages. "Skilled workers are easier to find in recent years, but knowing 2-3 foreign languages ​​and being able to communicate directly is difficult to find."

According to Mr. Hiroyuki Nakayama, a number of businesses in Fukui province are intending to make new investments and expand their investments in Dong Nai and are urgently in need of Vietnamese laborers who are professionally competent and good at Japanese and English to arrange managerial positions in the company.

In addition, businesses from South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, the United States, Europe ... also said that industrial production is being applied modern technology, so factories and companies opened. always need skilled human resources and know many foreign languages. Vietnamese workers who meet the above requirements will be assigned managerial positions in production and business.

Regarding labor issues for FDI enterprises in the area, after working with Consulate General of Japan, Korea ... foreign corporations, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Tran Van Vinh emphasized: “Dong Nai is ready to cooperate and support FDI enterprises in training human resources. However, businesses wishing to "order" with specific provinces, the province will connect with universities, colleges, vocational training to meet the needs.

According to economic experts, FDI enterprises are at the stage of being ready to transfer science and technology and let Vietnamese people hold many

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