I often talk about Dong Nai

Ms. Lily Lin is well-known not only as a female President of Taiwan Businesswoman Association in Vietnam with a friendly and friendly personality, but also a quite successful entrepreneur in Dong Nai. Although busy with running the company and the association, she still spends a lot of time volunteering.

Ms. Lily Lin. Photo: H.G

Ms. Lily Lin started investing in Dong Nai in 2002. Having spent more than 17 years with Dong Nai, she considers this place as her second home because her family, her career are here. She often uses the word "about Dong Nai" whenever she has to go as a attachment to this land.

* This land gives me success

* What made you choose Dong Nai as a destination to invest and develop your career?

- In 2002, I came to Dong Nai to rent land in Agtex Long Binh Industrial Park (Bien Hoa City) to establish Kien Dat Industrial Co., Ltd., producing all kinds of screws supplied to SYM Group (specialized in manufacturing types of motorbikes).

The reason I chose Dong Nai was because at that time, Dong Nai had the most developed industry in the country, transportation infrastructure, climate, and soil were very convenient. Dong Nai is also the place where many FDI enterprises invest, so there are more opportunities to associate, expand production and supply products to other corporations.

Not only is the President of Taiwan Businesswoman Association in Vietnam, Ms. Lily Lin is also the Vice President of Taiwan Business Association in Dong Nai.

In addition, Dong Nai is home to many Taiwanese businesses that invest in it very early and are quite successful. The above things helped me to make a decision to invest in the province. And the fact proved that my choice was quite correct, after a period of operation, I have found new customers such as Yamaha, Suzuki, Piaggio, Kymco ...

From only supplying screws to companies manufacturing motorbikes and bicycles, I gradually improved the quality and variety of products to be able to supply car manufacturers and assemblers in and abroad.

* After the investment project in Dong Nai has achieved certain success, do you plan to expand the investment to other places?

- Investing in Dong Nai for a while, I have built a reputation and brand, so customers come to the company more and more. Therefore, I invested in a factory in Thai Nguyen province so that the goods would not have to be transported far away, and at the same time create favorable conditions for customers in the North.

Because the field I invested in is supportive industry, Dong Nai and other provinces and cities are very welcome. But I have had many years with Dong Nai, my love for this place is quite a lot, so I still choose this as the headquarters for production and trading.

* Has nearly 2 decades of investment in Dong Nai, in her eyes, the investment environment of the province like compared to other places?

- According to my observations, the investment environment of the province in particular and of Vietnam in general is getting better and better. In particular, Vietnam has a stable politics and this is the first requirement for FDI enterprises when choosing to invest in certain countries.

Policies in attracting investment, taxes and customs have also been gradually simplified, helping businesses operate more smoothly. However, there is a point that I and many Taiwanese enterprises want the province to continue to have appropriate policies rather than vocational training. Although in recent years, vocational training for workers has seen many positive changes, there is a shortage of highly skilled and foreign language workers.

Besides, I think Dong Nai should continue to increase investment attraction of FDI enterprises producing raw materials for industrial manufacturing industries to reduce imports. Thus, FDI enterprises investing in Vietnam will be more proactive in production and can make good use of the advantages of trade agreements.

* "Give" is to "receive"

* She is known as one of the founders of Taiwan Taiwanese Entrepreneurs Association in Vietnam. Why did you have the idea to establish this association?

- I think women who go abroad to work and live will be much more pressured than living in their homeland. First is the disagreement of language, customs, customs, followed by the working environment.

“Vietnam has deep integration, signed 12 free trade agreements with other countries, so the export and import markets are also expanded. Therefore, labor also requires to know 2-3 foreign languages ​​of countries with large trade. For example, my company wants to get some technical and business workers who can speak English and Japanese so that they can exchange and receive new technologies in production and expand business with these partners. It was hard to find. ”

In fact, Taiwanese businesswomen who come to Vietnam to open a production and business company are quite large, so I have an idea to set up an association so that women can meet, exchange experiences and encourage each other. will be better.

What makes me most happy is that Taiwanese businesswomen in Vietnam after joining the association for a happier and happier life. To na

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Gradual transfer of management positions

Enterprises with foreign direct investment (FDI) in Dong Nai are tending to gradually transfer management positions in production and business to Vietnamese people. In many FDI enterprises, foreign owners gradually only hold a number of key positions to run businesses.